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Inconvenience behind Convenience of Biometrics

Hitoshi Kokumai · It looks as though nothing is more convenient than putting your finger on a sensor or place your phone in front of your face to get you logged-in. Is it actually as convenient? · Consider the huge inconvenience that citizens would have to face over their lifespan when their biom ...


Why are we so persistent in the efforts to bust the falsehood of biometrics?

Hitoshi Kokumai · Because the wide-spread falsehood of biometrics is still so persistent as highlighted in this report - · https://www.biometricupdate.com/202012/market-ready-for-biometric-payment-cards-but-enrollment-challenges-remain-apsca-panelists · Really convenient indeed – for Criminals! ...


Biometrics Used Correctly

Hitoshi Kokumai · Anything used correctly is eful and so are UV, disinfectant and biometrics. · Identification in physical space of personnel at critical facilities could be a correct use of biometrics. Another correct use is detection of suspicious guys who try to take over the logged-in device ...


Availability-First Approach

Hitoshi Kokumai · People in identity management appear to be busy discussing 'Security-First Approach’ and ‘Convenience-First Approach'. We would like to say ‘Wait a minute! Those discussions could be valid only where citizens are given a means to get themselves somehow authenticated in the first ...


Cult of Convenience

Hitoshi Kokumai · New writing "What actually tells ‘probabilistic authenticator’ and ‘deterministic authenticator’ apart? " and "Cult of Convenience" are added at the end of "Negative Security Effect of Biometrics Deployed in Cyberspace" · .............................................. · Cult of C ...


Biometrics as a Threat to Security, Privacy, Convenience and Economy

Hitoshi Kokumai · Biometrics as a threat to security examined here · https://www.bebee.com/producer/@hitoshi-kokumai/early-models-of-smartphones-were-safer-than-newer-models-how-come · Biometrics as a threat to privacy reported here · https://www.cnet.com/news/eu-reportedly-wants-strict-limits-f ...

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