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Biometrics as a Threat to Security, Privacy, Convenience and Economy

Biometrics as a Threat to Security, Privacy, Convenience and EconomyAr<br />
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Biometrics as a threat to security examined here


Biometrics as a threat to privacy reported here


Biometrics as a threat to convenience inferred from the above report; imagine the scale of inconvenience we face when our uncancellable biometrics data have been leaked.

* Nothing seems more convenient than putting a finger on a sensor or pushing a button for a selfie. This superb convenience, however, comes with the risk of a torturous inconvenience.

Consequently biometrics is a threat to economy with the huge negative cost-effectiveness; a tremendous amount of precious resources consumed in order to put privacy, security and convenience at risk.

As such, biometrics in democratic societies could be considered only where its merits can be well above these threats, that is, medicine, forensics and identification of personnel at military facilities, public infrastructure, etc., in other words, outside citizens’ everyday life.

<Excerpt from 'Early Models of Smartphones were safer than newer models' >

The point is that even a perfectly hacking-proof biometrics could only provide the level of security lower than a PINCODE-only authentication when the biometrics is deployed in 'multi-entrance' method with a PINCODE as a default fallback measure against false rejection (false non-match). This is what a logical reasoning inevitably leads us to, as illustrated  in this brief video.

The security effect of ‘multi-entrance’ deployment of 2 authenticators as against ‘multi-layer’ deployment is quantitatively examined in the article  'Quantitative Examination of Multiple Authenticator Deployment'

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