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Text Password System to Stay As-Is with Expanded Password System

Text Password System to Stay As-Is with Expanded Password SystemDED «0<br />
<br />
RaHP<br />
BOP v6<br />
mee<br />
<br />
gr |ar<br />
<br />
Generating High-<br />
Entropy Password like<br />
<br />
xtyax9d4294dlelEYVz<br />
wo/gadieowUx093/x7<br />
?lwble84x09xloPxLxeo<br />

- No need to replace the existing text password systems for implementing Expanded Password System for achieving higher security as well as better convenience-

Expanded Password System accepts non-text memory objects such as visual images as well as texts. Hearing it, some people are led to suppose that they need to consider a big investment to replace or re-build the existing text password systems.

It is not the case. All that we need to do is ensure that the password system accepts very long passwords, desirably hundreds of characters, for obtaining very high-entropy hashed values that can stand fierce brute force attacks.

Then, we would be free to opt to

1. try a simple two factor authentication made of a remembered password (what we remember) and a memo/device with a long password written/stored on (what we possess), which they can use right away at no cost.

2. consider the ‘Image-to-Password Converter cum Entropy Amplifier’ software when Expanded Password System that we advocate becomes readily available to all the citizens in the near future. The ‘Image-to-Password Converter cum Entropy Amplifier’ software can be offered as a plug-in module either for the server or the user’s device.

Both of them are closely explained in this article – “Proposition on How to Build Sustainable Digital Identity Platform” -


This proposition was selected as a finalist for ‘FDATA Global Open Finance Summit & Awards 2019’


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