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Owabor Nmeri

Owabor Nmeri

Computer, Server, Network Infrastructure
東京都, Tokyo


Owabor Nmeriについて:

From my early age, I’ve been a passionate problem solver. An ambitious kid, who would try out new ideas, experience, des

-assemble objects, tech toys to observe the interior constituent & formation. Reattempt re-assemble challenges as self assessment, and aptitude rating. I’m resilient, courageous, conscientious, persistent, kind/ observant. Love creation, people,

creativity, productive team work, learning, performance. Parents/ community encouraged good trait-set emulation, morality, diligence, endurance, achievements integrity, honesty. Dad was multi professional (Electrical /Telecommunication engineer, 

strategist Investor, Farmer. Traits drive feature.


After graduating from school I started my career, worked over 15 years on a global scale practical experiences, as a Freelancer, Manager, Representative, Trustee, executive with various Foreign Western Financial & Business consulting firms & Industries (operating Investments, consulting, Commodities, Trading, Energy(Oil & Gas), Private equity/Hedge fund, Fund raising, Project financing, Change management reform, IT/ Communication, DX, (supports based on BI, AI), servicing various private, corporate, sovereign global sectors.


IT Consulting: TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE: Computer & Server Infrastructure, Networking/Internet/, Business Application Support (Helpdesk), Vendor


TRANSACTION EXPERIENCE: Trading, M&A Capital structure: Equity/Debt Collateralized funding, Asset based funding. INVESTMENTS: Private equity/Hedge fund, Fund raising, Project funding Securities arbitrage trading, Credit enhancement: Lessor/Lessee/LTV. B2B 

Saas sale support, Strategies formulation/ KYC Compliance.

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