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Mar Zeus Katigbak

Mar Zeus Katigbak

A licensed professional teacher
日進市, Nisshin


Mar Zeus Katigbakについて:

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from the prestigious Philippine Normal University in 2013, where I honed my communication and interpersonal skills. Over the past 11 years, I've gained extensive teaching experience, with nine years in the Philippines and two years in Japan. These experiences have taught me how to adapt to different cultural and educational settings and create inclusive and supportive learning environments.

My teaching philosophy focuses on student engagement, critical thinking, and creativity. I believe in active participation, a love for learning, and utilizing diversity in the classroom. I can use innovative teaching techniques, and incorporating technology to enhance learning.

I'm passionate about nurturing young minds and helping students reach their full potential academically and as responsible members of society. I'm excited about the opportunity to contribute my knowledge and skills to your school, known for its commitment to academic excellence and student success.

Despite not being a native English speaker, I'm confident in my English language proficiency. I'm also proficient in playing musical instruments like guitar, and producing theater and musical plays.


International pre-school English teacher in Aichi, Japan. July 2022- present

Public school teacher in Philippines. July 2016- June 2022

English teacher/Arts teacher in St. Paul College of Makati Philippines. 2013- 2016 


Masters of Arts in Education in Drama Education and Theater arts. Currently working in my thesis paper.

Bachelor's in Secondary Education Major in Speech and Theater Arts batch of 2013.

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