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Tsuyoshi Araki

Tsuyoshi Araki

Senior Blockchain & Full-Stack developer
Naka-ku, 名古屋市, Nagoya



Tsuyoshi Arakiについて:

Working at Several Companies as a seasoned developer and having hands-on experience under my belt. I have 5+ years Fullstack and 5+ years Blockchain experience demonstrating my comprehensive understanding of blockchain basics and professional skills.

    Became a CBP (Cerificated Blockchain Professional) who has firm understanding of blockchain basics and professional skills.

    Specialized in developing various Web Sites and DApps such as DeFi, DEX, DAO, WALLET, NFT mint site and MARKETPLACE, and always stayed on top of the most cutting-edge technology in the industry.


Jan 2022 – Dec 2022   Remote
Senior Full-Stack & Blockchain Engineer
Inverted Studios
- Successfully built and managed a highly trafficked NFT art marketplace, consistently attracting over 50,000 daily visitors.
- Oversaw the complete development process of a company portal, resulting in a significant 150% increase in annual profits.
- Demonstrated proficiency in a variety of skills, including NFT, Ethers, Solidity, Web3, React, Ant Design, Google Analytics, Open Graph, Cloudflare
- Leveraged this expertise to drive the successful development and deployment of cutting-edge web applications and blockchain solutions.
Dec 2019 – Oct 2021   Remote
Senior Full-Stack & Web3 Engineer
Accel Defi
- Orchestrated the design and implementation of a highly robust database infrastructure powered by Oracle, resulting in a remarkable 48% improvement in site performance.
- Incentivized participation and community engagement through distribution of reward shares to players, NFT owners, and liquidity providers in decentralized ecosystems.
- Proven proficiency in a diverse range of technical skills, including NFTs, Ethers, DeFi, AWS, Oracle, Angular, MongoDB, Selenium, Express, Node.js, Payment gateways
May 2016 – Apr 2018
Full-Stack Engineer   Remote
TopLeft Technologies
- Played an integral role in the design and development of a profitable company website that effectively utilized third-party APIs and boasted a user-friendly frontend. As a result, the business experienced exponential growth and quickly rose to become one of the top 10 tech companies in British Columbia, Canada.
- Proven ability to foster collaborative working relationships with team members, resulting in successful outcomes as a Full-Stack Developer. 
- Motivated and dedicated towards mentoring and supporting junior developers to excel in their careers.


Nagoya University

School of Informatics

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