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Tiara Beneragama

Tiara Beneragama

Certified Tutor with experience in teaching
Naka-ku, 名古屋市, Nagoya


Tiara Beneragamaについて:

My name is Dona Beneragama, currently residing in Sri Lanka. 
I absolutely love travelling, getting in doses of adrenaline and tasting delicious desserts from all over the world! I am also deeply passionate about music, especially Indie Pop and original soundtracks, reading classical works of art and playing tennis!


Though my country is a non-English speaking one, I have studied and been surrounded by English since the age of 3, deepening my fondness and passion towards the language.
Learning a language you are not often exposed to is perceived as quite an arduous task. However, gaining experience as a part time daycare teacher, I have learnt to maintain an adequate level of energy and interest in lessons and create a comfortable environment for children aged 2-5 to express themselves and their doubts. Furthermore, having taught students from 8-13, I have understood to tailor lessons to target the areas of study that require the most assistance and adjust my lesson plans according to several factors such as maturity, knowledge, time of the class and so on. I plan to provide students with tasks and techniques to help them step out of their comfort zone and continuously practice English, within and outside the class as I believe confidence will boost a students' concentration, enjoyment and motivation to learn.


As I have recently obtained the 180 hour TEFL and TESOL certification with a pass of 90%, I believe I will be able to illuminate and aid students in their journey of learning English. I trust that my enthusiasm and optimism will translate to students of all ages, to make lessons effective, impactful and most of all- fun!

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