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No Space Left for Expanded Password System?

No Space Left for Expanded Password System?Distracted “A

As discussed earlier, we have to watch a ‘better’ security being achieved by removal of passwords and the passwords being killed by biometrics that is dependent on passwords or being displaced by PIN that is no more than a weak form of numbers-only password. This phenomenon is really absurd.

It is very sad that the significance of this absurd phenomenon is little known to the public, possibly because many of the influential global media are contributing to the absurdity by actively amplifying the fallacies or passively turning a blind eye to it in view of the vested interests of their leading sponsors that include a number of reputed global brands.

It might be a bit too naive for us to expect these facts to be expressly admitted by the people who have made big gains by investing, manufacturing, marketing, permitting, endorsing, recommending, advertising and adopting the biometrics solutions where they are not only unnecessary but harmful. We apparently need to stay persistent for some more time.


Well, let’s try one thought experiment – What would it be like when the myths of ‘better security by removal of passwords’ and ‘passwords killed or displaced by biometrics and PIN’ have all been busted? It would certainly generate a vacuum. Would it be a hardly noticeable small vacuum found in a far corner of digital identity? Or, would it be a gigantic vacuum visible to everybody at the center of the digital identity world?

Our statement that ‘helpful’ and ‘useful’ are in competition but ‘helpful’ and ‘harmful’ aren’t, which was presented in ‘Digital Lemming’s CongestedCompetition for Bestseller Snakeoil’, is our response to the voices we often hear that the business domain of digital identity in which we are active is too heavily congested with numerous competitions that there would be no room for our proposition.


We envisage that there will be a gigantic vacuum waiting for our proposition of Expanded Password System to fill.

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Debesh Choudhury

Debesh Choudhury

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True Hitoshi Kokumai .. "when the myths of 'better security by removal of passwords' and ‘passwords killed or displaced by biometrics and PIN’ have all been busted", a 'gigantic vacuum' would appear in the domain of digital identity and Internet security. Then there will be a requirement of a sustainable and reliable security system .. and your "Expanded Password System" based on graphical-cum-text pass codes may have to fill the security gap.

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