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Expanded Password System for Self-Sovereign Identity

Expanded Password System for Self-Sovereign IdentityDED «0<br />
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BOP v6<br />
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Generating High-<br />
Entropy Password like<br />
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In my earlier post “Expanded PasswordSystem: ‘Image-to-Code Converter’”,  I failed to refer specifically to the people working for Self-Sovereign Identity and the likes of blockchain that support the distributed/decentralised storage of secrets.

Hopefully, you might all be interested to hear that the key function of Expanded Password System is to convert images to high-entropy codes that work as very long passwords and also as the seeds of symmetric/asymmetric cryptographic keys on the fly.


Expanded PasswordSystem: ‘Image-to-Code Converter’

In  “"Global HQ Registeredin UK",  I mention that people engaged in identity management or ‘deployment of authenticators’ could all be the down-stream partners for Expanded Password System (EPS).

Are you working in the fields of ID federations, two/multi-factor authentications, cryptographic solutions and other areas somehow related to identity management?

Then you might be interested to hear that the core of EPS is designed to convert images to high-entropy codes, which work as very long passwords and also as the seeds of symmetric or asymmetric cryptographic keys.

You will please keep watching us and wait for the completion of our 'Image-to-Code Converter' software module that you will be able to plug into your solutions.

Or, you could consider being more proactive and helping us accelerate the process in some way or other for making your EPS-powered solutions available to your customers speedily.

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Slide: Outline of Expanded Password System (3minutes 2seconds)

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