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Kenneth Dickey

Kenneth Dickey

Kanagawa Ku, 横浜市, Kanagawa


Kenneth Dickeyについて:

As an experienced teaching professional, my career objective is to inspire others to fulfill their dreams of language acquisition. With strong communication skills, a creative and innovative mindset, and a self-motivated work ethic, I have over a decade of experience in teaching English as a second language. Proficient in planning with Microsoft Office and Google Workplace, I have previously worked as an English teacher for preschool children to adults, an English instructor for elementary and junior high students, and a Kaizen Team trainer at Toyota Corp./New United Motors. My experience includes curriculum development, evaluating student performance, maintaining records, and organizing student events. I hold an A.A. in Japanese from San Francisco City College and am currently teaching English to preschool through to elementary school students at Kid's Garden Minami Aoyama in Tokyo.


Kaizen Team/ trainer
TOYOTA Corp./ New United Motors (United States) Jan 1993 - Jan 2007
More than 10 years experience with Japanese company procedures. Managed a team that dealt with with all new model change overs. Acted as liaison between Japanese engineers and management teams. Implemented new model testing and evaluating design features. Analyzed and assessed newmodel blue prints.
English Teacher
Eve Communications (Japan)
Jun 2011 - Oct 2017
Tokyo Taught one to one English lessons to preschool children through to adults.
Evaluated student performance. Maintained student online records. Created org inal learning materials.
English Instructor
Globaleader (Japan) Tokyo Oct2017-Oct2021
Taught English t o elementary a n d junior high students in a classroom setting. Developedand organized curriculum for English learning. Created original learn ing materials. Maintained student records online. Organized student events and
English Teacher
Kid's Garden Minami Aoyama
Oct 2021 - Current
Tokyo Taught English to preschool through to elementary school students. Developed
and created the curriculum for classes taught. Created reports on students and consultated with parents about student's progress. Assisted with the teaching of the Montessori classes.


A.A. in Japanese SanFrancisco City College Jan 2007 - Dec 2008
B.A. in Japanese
San Francisco State University(United States) Jan 2007 - Sep 2010

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