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Comfortable Biometrics Ecosystem

Comfortable Biometrics Ecosystem

How would you react if you see a car manufacturer who refuses to talk about the braking distance? Or, a pharmaceutical company who escapes the talk of the ingredients and side-effects of a drug?

I have been asking biometrics vendors the following questions for nearly two decades.

(1) What is the empirical False Rejection rate your product achieves when the corresponding False Acceptance rate is set in the order of 0.01%?

(2) What would the user be expected to do when they get falsely rejected?

The results? - Silence year after year.

I am now under the impression that there is a comfortable ecosystem collectively built among (1) biometrics vendors who rake up quick money by spreading a false sense of security, (2) tech/biz media and event organizers who are heavily paid by the biometrics vendors as sponsors and in return assist biometrics vendors to rake up more money and (3) quite a few security professionals who enjoy sizeable benefits by touting the mirage merits of biometrics while turning a blind eye to its security-lowering effects.

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Once they start to enjoy the benefit of being a member of such a cooperative ecosystem, it would naturally be extremely hard to come out and tell what they know. It could end up with them being labelled a renegade. They would have to find a new job elsewhere from scratch.

It would be very easy to get me silenced right away - Answer those questions.

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