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Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin

Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin

Yokohama - Kanagawa-ken


Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasinについて:

I am ZULKERNYNE IBNE TAHASIN. I have 11+ years of experience leading the design, development, and deployment of enterprise software, hardware, and service solutions for companies across the globe.


Program Director Ericsson - Drive consulting services and an annual portfolio of 9 enterprise-grade IoT, Pre-5G, and 5G projects worth $100MM.
- Successfully aligned technical and business requirements for a 5G core system implementation, secured a 3-year business deal with the client, and led the implementation with a $150MM budget and a remote team of 150 engineers.
- Define and align technical and business strategies with the Solution, Sales, and Delivery teams to exceed customer expectations, drive solutions architecture, and close deals while leading a team of 60 consultants in Asia and Europe.
Network Engineer LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd. - Increased nationwide 2.5G coverage by 60% by conducting network simulation and design implementation with newly acquired spectrum by client
- Improved data speeds for 3MM users by optimizing the network to ensure the best mobile UX in the capital of Bangladesh.


Electronics and Communication Engineering with a Specialization in Telecommunication Khulna University of Engineering and Technology

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