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Yuka Shiota

Yuka Shiota

Customs/Logistics professional, CIFFA (PR holder)
長門市, Nagato


Yuka Shiotaについて:

Graduated from Seneca College, Toronto, with a perfect GPA and honors in International Transportation and Customs, I bring a background of success in this field and task, along with the qualifications which are required to make a positive impact.


At Seneca College, I took a 2 year highly practical, comprehensive course which was designed for students to get industry ready specifically for international transportation, supply chain management and customs, and received the CIFFA designation and Customs Software Certificate. My excellent academic achievement led professors to recruit me as the ambassador to represent the program at Open House in Nov 2016 and Apr 2017 and was also selected by Seneca College as one of the two participants in the Ontario’s provincial educational program for import/export, which was held in Buffalo, New York.


As a customs rater at DHL Express Canada, I achieved a fine balance between being accurate and fast by keeping up with the regulations and becoming fully familiar and fast with the company’s software and utilizing database. I also managed to type in more than 300 shipments per day whereas average entry amount was about 250. 


You may wonder, however, why I have been away from Canada for the past four years. I was temporarily back in Japan during my permanent residence application, but due to the ongoing COVID situation, my PR application was left hanging for the foreseeable future and therefore I could not commit to any permanent jobs. 


However, I am now an approved permanent resident, and I am convinced that I will be a great asset to your company.


Logistics and Tracing Associate

Article, Vancouver, BC 

  • Created case IDs for return shipments based on request from customer service department.
  • Assigned return shipments to appropriate carriers.
  • Assured pickup was done from customers on time and kept track of about 100 or more shipments simultaneously. 
  • Monitored and dealt with irregularities that arose on daily basis with quick judgement to find alternative carrier/solutions.
  • Gave effective and thorough training for new employee.

Low Value Shipment Analyst

DHL Express Canada, Toronto, Ontario 

  • Classified and entered data of 300 to 330 mostly COD shipments with proper HS code as per description and nature of item.
  • Identified correct rate of duty according to country of origin in line with applicable regulations and free trade agreements.
  • Demonstrated quick and accurate judgments, while still making sure everything was compliant.
  • Expedited this whole line of process by becoming familiar and fast with company’s software and utilized database effectively.




Diploma: International Transportation And Customs

Seneca College - Toronto, Canada 

GPA: 4.0/4.0, President's Honor

  • Obtained working knowledge of customs regulations such as HS Classifications, free trade agreements, as well as principles of import procedures and freight forwarding.
  • Took initiatives in group projects, utilizing leadership skills gained during employment as a teacher.
  • Was selected by Seneca College as one of the two participants in the Canada / US border business seminar trip to Buffalo, New York.
  • Was recruited by professors as the ambassador to represent the program at Open House in Nov 2016, and Apr 2017.


Bachelor of Arts: BA in International Politics, Economics, and Communication

Aoyama Gakuin University - Tokyo, Japan 

GPA: 3.74 / 4.0

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