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tripti kumari

tripti kumari

江戸川区, Nishikasai


tripti kumariについて:

Hello, iam a very good free Lancer . I understand the indept knowledge of the product . And present it in such a way the that the customer will never deny to take . My skills include my knowledge of English language . Fluent in English . Have zeal to learn japanses . But still iam new to japan will learn definitely.if u made your mind . Your path will definitely get open. Iam a hardworking girl. Given an opportunity iam sure I will be a assert to the company


In a brief i don't want to waste your time .

In one word. If sales is a art . Iam artist.

Given a change will prove a assert to the company and make you feel proud  that your resource is not getting wasted


I am a btech graduate. I use my technical skills for sale.

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