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Ryo Sugano

Ryo Sugano

Ōdōri, 札幌市


Ryo Suganoについて:

I am a dedicated employee who believes enriching lives begins by connecting people and technology with a human touch. My expertise in quickly assessing a situation with my empathetic nature has allowed me to assist numerous customers swiftly and thoroughly, with my problem-solving skills acquired over the years. My love for sharing knowledge with teammates and customers has allowed me to contribute to the team's success. My experience at Apple, Co&Co, and Interac has made me a brilliant customer service expert. I expect to bring a high customer focus is driven culture with a knack for problem-solving.



Interac ALT (June 2020- Current)
Language and cultural ambassador. Being a role model and a mentor for young adults. (Apr 2022) Momijidai Junior High School and Koyo Junior High School
(Apr 2021) Miyanomori Junior High School and Fukuino Junior High School.
(June 2020) Koyo Junior High School.
CO&CO (Hokkaido, Kyoto)
Admissions, Marketing, and Community Leader. (Aug 2018 - May 2020)
Admissions - Reply to email in a timely manner.
Community Leader and Marketing - Borderless community where we strive to enrich lives by cultivating an accessible space where people from all over the world can connect, share their passions, and expand their horizons.
Language House (CO&CO)
Teacher (Apr 2018 - Dec 2018) Business English, Test Prep, Sales approach, Small talk, Expressing and building relationships.
English School Jack Rabbit
Head Teacher (Apr 2017 - Nov 2017): Aligning with students. Creating a learning environment to develop people skills.
Apple Store (United States)
Technical Specialist at San Jose (Oct 2015 - Jan 2017): New store relocation, Technical Support, Repairing Relationships, and Team Development.
Apple Store (Tokyo, Ginza)
Family Room at Ginza Store (Aug 2013 - Oct 2015): Repairing Relationship. Technical Support. Customer Approach, Probe, Present, Listen, and End.
Red Zone Specialist at Ginza Store (July 2012 - Oct 2012): Sales.

Apple Store (Hokkaido, Sapporo)

In-Store Technician at Sapporo (May 2011 - July 2012): In-store hardware and software troubleshooting.

Genius Admin at Sapporo (Mar 2011- July 2012): Computer part inventory and troubleshooting. BOH Specialist at Sapporo Store (Jan 2011 - July 2012): Finished good Inventory.
Red Zone Specialist at Sapporo Store (Oct 2010 - Jan 2011): Sales.



University of Washington 2010 - 2014: Arts & Sciences.
Bellevue College Sep 2008 – 2010: Business Administration Transfer.

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