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Francine Ferrant

Francine Ferrant

Certified Teacher with Over 10 Years Experience
Kanagawa Ku, 横浜市, Kanagawa


Francine Ferrantについて:

I am a specialist in English teaching through certification, experience, and training. I have been a teacher for over ten years and take pride in providing quality lessons to my students. Though my expertise is in teaching young learners, I consider myself very versatile enough to teach all ages. As a teacher, I believe in life-long learning, which means that I am constantly seeking knowledge of new educational strategies. 


I have taught English in both public and private schools and have taught students of all ages. I have experience teaching English, lesson planning, and curriculum development, and I am also knowledgeable of inquiry-based approaches. 


My recent qualification is an MA in Education where I completed projects in curriculum development, classroom management, teaching diverse learners, teaching students with disabilities, instructional strategies, global education, and so on. 

I also have a certificate in English teaching from Cambridge CELTA.  

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