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The Tremendous Power of PIN

The Tremendous Power of PINCan a paper-knife do<br />
<br />
what the knife cannot do?           Can a PIN do what the password cannot do?

‘PIN’ belongs to the secret credential as a numbers-only weak password. Where the PIN is warmly welcomed for providing some security to a passwordless login, we would be watching a ‘password-dependent password-less’ solution. What a feat!

I hear that there are people who do not view the PIN as a member of the password family and allege that the PIN linked to a hardware is more secure than the password not linked to a hardware. It looks another feat! But what would we see if someone starts linking a password to the same kind of hardware?

Where a biometrics is also linked to a hardware together with a PIN in a multi-entrance deployment, the overall security is made even lower than a PIN-only login. It’s no good for the glorious PIN.

All those funny phenomena might have come from a simple mistake of mixing up the discussion of ‘authenticators’ with that of ‘deployment of authenticators’.

‘Authenticators’ and ‘Deployment of Authenticators’

Incidentally, where the ‘passwordless’ means ‘removal of the whole password family including PIN’ from digital identity altogether, the ‘passwordless’ login scheme would be tantamount to an ATM that automatically dispenses your money against your bank card without asking for your PIN. Can it be a great feat by any chance?


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