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Sequel - Detection of Fake Log-In Page

Sequel - Detection of Fake Log-In Page

In my earlier post “Detection of FakeLog-In Page”, I wrote “show the user’s image ALONG WITH DOZENS OF OTHER IMAGES.”

Have you taken note of it? This element plays a crucial role in our scheme.

A would-be phisher can easily copy the log-in screen and show it to a target user whose User ID is known. But the phisher does not know which image was registered by the user as the credential of the genuine log-in server as against the other images, whereas both the user and the genuine log-in server know which one was registered.

We ask the user to pick up the registered image and also several other meaningless images in a random sequence; the outcome will be that the genuine log-in server will know that the user has selected the registered image in the choice, while a fake log-in server will not know it, so the phishing process will have to stop there. Copying the genuine log-in page would thus take the phisher nowhere.

After this screening of fake log-in servers, the user will be asked to go through the authentication by a password, desirably by Expanded Password System where it is available.

< References >

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Ricci Burgett

Ricci Burgett

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I'm against of removal passwords and all this "biometric login" stuff.

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