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Face Shielding ‘instead of’ OR ‘on top of’ Face Mask

Face Shielding ‘instead of’ OR ‘on top of’ Face Maskinstead of<br />
or<br />
<br />
on top of


When getting on board a flight, do you love to see your fellow passengers choosing a face shielding instead of a face mask?

Or, do you want to see your fellow passengers wear a face shielding on top of a face mask?

Falsely claiming that the former ‘multi-entrance’ choice provides the sort of positive safety effect that the latter ‘multi-layer’ choice provides would be extremely unethical; it is what we are witnessing in the global biometrics industries for many years.

For further details, click these links –

“Campaign of Deception”

"Finger vein technology"

* Offer of Fairness; The more outspoken I am, the more heavily humiliated I would be if I am refuted. I would encourage those people to refute me.

What we are apt to do 


Mix up ‘authenticators’ with ‘deployment of authenticators’ and we would be walking in a wrong direction as discussed in ‘Authenticators’ and ‘Deployment of Authenticators’

Mix up ‘probabilistic authenticator’ with ‘deterministic authenticator’ and we would be trapped in a disastrous situation as examined in Probabilistic Is Human Body, Not Pattern-Matching Algorithm

 Debate heatedly on ‘liveness detection’ and we would be distracted from the simple fact that it is no more than an additional factor to increase False Rejection (False Negative/False Non-Match) while decreasing False Acceptance (False Positive/False Match) as mentioned in Biometrics - Spoofing and Liveness Detection

 Believe blindly in the figures that vendors tell us and we would be staggered when we hear the objective test results from a third party as demonstrated in What Biometrics Vendors Tell Us versus What NIST Tells Us

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