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Digital Identity in Post-Pandemic Era

Digital Identity in Post-Pandemic EraRelation of Accounts & Passwords<br />
<br />
   <br />
<br />
 <br />
<br />
° 1 as<br />
7 ae<br />
coErom<br />
aK LM<br />
oranrsT<br />
UVvwxyz<br />
<br />
* Unique matrices of images allocated to different accounts.<br />
<br />
* Ata glance you will immediately realize what images you should pick<br />
up as your passwords for this or that account.

Very probably, global populations will be far more dependent on Digital Identity in the Post-Covid19 era that our life will be far less dependent on geographical move of people - fewer face-to-face meetings, less commute, fewer travels and far more dependent on telemedicine, telework and many other tele-something, while threats of Big Brothers by rogue governments, greedy corporations and crime syndicates will be yet greater than ever.

Self-Sovereign Identity, expected to play a critical role in the highly complex situations, would require not just the distributed ledger technology but the most reliable identity authentication if it is to be truly valid and sustainable.

Our responsibility of providing ‘hard-to-forget’, ‘hard-to-break’ and ‘stress-proof’ authentication will be heavy.

First up, we need to re-define “What We Are”


Also, we must stop blaming the password



 We can LAMENT that text passwords are so hard to manage, but it would be silly if we BLAME the text passwords when citizens do not have an alternative solution with which the citizens can achieve the same or better security without depending on the text passwords.

Stopgap Solution for Better Security: ‘Improvised’ 2-factor authentication made of (1) a remembered text password (what we remember) and (2) a memo with a long text password written on it (what we possess).

Final Solution for Better Security and Better Convenience: Expanded Password System that accepts text-based secret credentials as well as non-text secret credentials.

  We are an advocate of Expanded Password System that we believe will be the final solution to the password predicament, but it might well take some more years before it becomes readily available to every citizen on the globe, whereas the damaging password incidents show no sign of abating. It is why we wish to suggest this simple affordable stopgap solution for now.

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