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Digital Identity and Democracy

Digital Identity and Democracy

When injured and panicked with empty hands in emergencies, how can we get authenticated securely and reliably?

It’s the obligation of democratic societies to provide citizens with the identity authentication measures that are practicable in disaster recovery and other emergencies.

Authenticating empty-handed and injured people cannot be done without involving 'Shared Secrets'. Authenticating empty-handed, injured and panicked people cannot be achieved without involving 'Panic-proof Shared Secrets'. Physical tokens and biometrics do not help.

Enabling people to register their unforgettable non-text memories as their passwords could help a lot, possibly the only practical answer.

Expanded Password System enables it. What is practicable in panicky situations is easily practicable in everyday life, although the reverse is not always true.

It could also be noted that Expanded Password System can be flexibly implemented in multiple ways and methods. When packaged as an 'image-to-text converter ’module, it can be incorporated into the ubiquitous legacy text password systems for achieving better balance of security and convenience, easily, quickly and economically.

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< Features of Expansion of Password System >

- It is not only stress-free for users but fun to use, as opposed to the dread and overhead that come today with creating, memorizing and storing passwords

- It turns a low-entropy password into high-entropy authentication data

- It eases the burden of managing the relationship between accounts and passwords

- It deters phishing attacks

- It can be deployed under any type of circumstance, including combat

- It supports existing schemes, such as:

- Biometrics which require passwords as a fallback means

- Two/multi-factor authentications that require passwords as one of the factors

- ID Federations such as password managers and single-sign-on services that require passwords as the master-password

- Simple pictorial/emoji-passwords and patterns-on-grid can be deployed on this platform.

- It is relevant whenever text passwords and pin numbers are in use

- And, nothing would be lost for people who want to keep using text passwords

- Last but not least, it continues to rely on free will.

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