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Archive – Discussions on Digital Identity

Archive – Discussions on Digital Identity

I have produced an archive of the discussions on Expanded Password System (EPS) and related issues that I have posted on LinkedIn over the last two years.

- 43 from January through July 2020

- 51 from January through December 2019

- 13 from October through December 2018


The observation that images are easy to remember has been known for many decades; it is not our theme. What we discuss is that ‘images of our emotion-colored episodic memory’ is ‘Hard to Forget’ to the extent that it is ‘Panic-Proof.

The aim of our enterprise is to make EPS solutions readily available to all the global citizens: rich and poor, young and old, healthy and disabled, literate and illiterate, in peace and in disasters.

We expect EPS to stay with us over many generations, rather than a decade or so, until humans discover something better than the 'digital identity' for our safe and orderly societal life. We look for the people who share such a long-term view and support us as such.


Index & Link


-        Robust 2-Channel Authentication

-        ‘Authenticators’ and ‘Deployment of Authenticators’

-        Probabilistic Is Human Body, Not Pattern-Matching Algorithm

-        Quest for Global Ubiquity

-        Biometrics - Spoofing and Liveness Detection

-        ‘Harmful for security or privacy’ OR ‘Harmful for both security and privacy’


-        More questions are answered in this update

-        On-the-fly Key Regeneration

-        Default Password and Fallback Password

-        Cryptography and Expanded Password System

-        Who Adopted Expanded Password System (EPS) and for What

-        Expanded Password System – Theory and Implementation

-        Global Headquarters in United Kingdom


-        Expanded Password System to Complement FIDO2

-        Biometrics for Increasing and Decreasing Security

-        Puzzling Perception – Sacrificing Privacy for Decreased Security?

-        Digital Identity in Post-Pandemic Era

-        What makes ‘what we are’?

-        Anything used wrongly is harmful and so are UV, disinfectant and passwords.

-        Anything used correctly is useful and so are UV, disinfectant and biometrics.

-        Identity Assurance - Sufficient and Necessary Conditions


-        Another LAYER or Another ENTRANCE?

-        ‘Physical Tokens’ vs ‘Onetime Password Messaging’

-        The password is easy to crack – Are you sure?

-        New Publication on InfoSec Buzz – Identity Assurance and Teleworking

-        A Sequel to ‘Democracy and Digital Identity’ Published by Risk Group

-        What can ‘probabilistic authenticators’ achieve in cyberspace?

-        Meaningless Comparison of Different Authenticators

-        ‘Easy-to-Remember’ is one thing. ‘Hard-to-Forget’ is another.

-        Pandemic-resistant Teleworking

-        Secret Credential and Computing Power

-        Two Ways of Deploying Two-Factor Authentication


-        Proposition to AFCEA on military use of Expanded Password System

-        ‘Copy & Paste’ High-Entropy Password Combined with Remembered Password

-        Rapid Increase in Military Use of Expanded Password System


-        Availability-First Approach

-        What you ignore does not exist

-        What does not exist will never be stolen

-        Further Update: 7-Year Military Use of Expanded Password System

-        Update: Expanded Password System for High-Security Accounts

-        Cult of Convenience and Continuation


-        Video Interview by Risk Group

-        Update - History, Current Status and Future Scenarios of Expanded Password System


-        Advanced Persistent Threats in Digital Identity

-        Text Password System to Stay As-Is with Expanded Password System

-        Technology Obsession and Common Sense

-        Negative Security Effect of Biometrics Deployed in Cyberspace

-        Proposition on How to Build Sustainable Digital Identity Platform


-        Text Password - Lamentable, Not Blamable

-        Shortlisted for FDATA Global Open Finance Summit & Awards 2019

-        Is This Silence Due to Awareness of Complicity?

-        Quick Money from False Sense of Security – Ethically Dubious Business Practice

-        Context-dependent Descriptions of ‘Password-less’ Authentication

-        Spoofing and Liveness-Detection of Biometrics


-        Biometrics and Me

-        Hey, Biometrics Guys! Get Provoked!

-        Password-killer = Democracy-killer

-        Improvised 2-factor authentication citizens can deploy right now at no cost

-        Issues of Pictorial Passwords - Shoulder Surfing & Low Entropy


-        Threats of Biometrics to Security & Its Structure

-        Publication on EDPACS of Taylor & Francis

-        Prevalence of Password-less Authentication that We Had Predicted

-        What would it be like if Vested Interests are placed above Logic?

-        Biometrics as a Threat to Security, Privacy, Convenience and Economy

-        No Space Left for Expanded Password System?


-        Life is above Logic. Security, though, must not be above Logic.

-        ‘Helpful’ and ‘Useful’ may be in competition. ‘Helpful’ and ‘Harmful’ can’t.

-        Privacy and Security Are Both Threatened

-        Breakthrough in Our Digital Identity by Our Own Remembrance

-        Early models of smartphones were safer than newer models - How come?

-        Upended Observation – Air Looking As If Lying Beneath Water

-        Help Us Avert Erosion of Security and Democracy


-        Entertaining Security Topics

-        Digital Identity – Preventing Cyber Threats Coming From Within

-        Digital Identity – Threats Coming from Within (2)

-        Security, Democracy and Digital Identity

-        Digital Identity – Threats Coming from Within

-        Follow Logic, Not Uncertain Reputation


-        Removal of Passwords and Its Security Effect

-        Apple Identity Provider – a good start, shame about the level of assurance!

-        Join the discussions on Predicament of Digital Identity

-        Digital Identity - What was the mammal like in Cretaceous Period?


-        Predicament of Digital Identit

-        ‘Security Vs Privacy’ OR ’Security & Privacy’

-        Where to Collect Fingerprints? - On the Phone!


-        Tokens and Body Features Are Easily Lost

-        Never too late to return! #1, #2, #3


-        Intriguing Evolution from One to Two and Back to On

-        ‘Password-less Authentication’ and ‘Biometrics as a Password-Killer’

-        Departure from Text Passwords

-        Farewell to Text Password


-        Quantitative Examination of Multiple Authenticator Deployment

-        No Need to Wait


-        3-Factor Configuration Weaker than 2-Factor Authentication

-        Little-Known Real Solution to Cyber Predicament by Text-Only Password Systems


-        Horrific Distinction between ‘Multi-Layer’ and ‘Multi-Entrance’ Deployments

-        OASIS Open Projects & Expanded Password System

-        Where a subordinate concept is represented by a superordinate concept

-        Misinformation - Can ‘Multi-Entrance’ Deployment Replace ‘Multi-Layer’ Deployment?

-        ‘Enhancing Lock/Key System’ of ‘Weak Door


-        Latest Summary of Expanded Password System

-        Targeted/Spear Phishing and Expanded Password System

-        Takeaways from Consumer Identity World Europe 2018

-        3-Factor Authentication Weaker Than 2-Factor Authentication


-        Takeaways from Consumer Identity World USA 2018

-        Presentation at KuppingerCole’s Consumer Identity World 2018 Europe

-        Q&A on #Identity #Assurance, #Password, #Democracy, #Passwordless, #biometrics & #Dystopi

-        Four Puzzling Issues of Identity Authentication

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