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Sharepoint Lead (BB-82085)

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• As support specialist:
o Proactively monitor the application performance and data processing.
o Analysis and reporting issues; fixing within SLA and Transporting changes
o Service Improvements
• As an development specialist
o Be part of design discussions for new projects.
o Develop objects as per requirement and creation of necessary TDs and FDs.
o Support business for testing.

Major activities:
- Organize workshops (dev team / business / process owner / key users)
- Coordinate and Support DevOps Team activities
o Priorities / Efforts
o Impediments / Escalations
o Critical Issues Mgmt / Service Continuity
- Regular Status Reporting
- Roadmap Management
- Requirements Mgmt:
o Review / Write Requirements / Specification
o Classify requirements
o Manage Project Backlog (Functional / Non-Functional Requirements)
- Deployment Planning / Coordination
- Manage required Resources / Means (SVN, accounts, …)
- Offer Mgmt (Specification, Costs and Delivery Due Date)
- Product Owner Activities / Support
- Process Documentation / Support
- Maintain and extend Architecture
- Development of:
o new functionalities according to customer needs
o robustness improvements (improve /stabilize existing functions)
o software corrective maintenance (bug fix)
o Write Test Procedures (unit tests and integration tests)
- Maintain and extend documentation
- Reactive Operational Support
o L2/L3 Incident Management (Quickest possible Issue resolution, Workarounds)
o Root Cause Analysis
o Request Mgmt. (apply standard changes / configuration changes / administrative actions)
o Data Management (Perform mass data loadings / corrections)
- Proactive Operational Support
o Monitoring (processes, Interfaces)
o Event and Alert Mgmt. (manage events resulting from monitoring service)
- Perform daily administrative tasks including fielding user inquiries, user account administration and identification and resolution of operational issues of applications.
- Maintain up to date technical documents (Operation Requirement Sheet, Schedule Requirement Sheet, Monitoring Requirement Sheet, …)
- Prepare and maintain documentation describing configurations and procedures for performing installations. Maintain the first-time-right approach is must.
- Functional Support (Q&A, Product Owner Support, Analysis, data/report extraction)
- Perform validation test (functional and data)



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