【英語を活かす】ネットワークエンジニア/ Network Engineer

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仕事内容 One of the biggest network solution providers in the world is looking to hire a Network Engineer. The successful applicant will be responsible for developing customer-oriented network designs and services.Responsibilities: * Take part in network planning and optimisation * Ensure customer needs and deadlines are met * Drive high-level performance activities * Deliver on site technical support * Attend technical discussions and propose additional features * Oversee FNI and PDS processes Requirements: * Business level written and oral Japanese 企業について(社風など) A world's leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer with a strong global presence and history. This company has hundreds and thousands of employees working across many countries in Europe, Asia and America. Keywords: IT企業, エンジニア, プログラミング, システム, 英語, 仕事, 外資系, グローバル, 転職, バイリンガル, インターナショナル, 求人, 就職, 語学, バイリンガル人材, グローバル転職, グローバル人材 1478840/001 勤務時間 お問い合わせください 英語能力 日本語能力 年収 休日 完全週休2日制, 土日祝日休み, 有給休暇


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