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If Only It Were True!

Hitoshi Kokumai · A good number of consumers consider biometrics positively according this report -" Fed up with passwords and bad onboardings, consumers consider biometrics" · Put your finger on a sensor or place your face before a camera and you will enjoy better security and convenience; What a ...


US Army appears to be scarily misguided

Hitoshi Kokumai · Are you a US citizen? Should it be the case, you could consider talking to the Army or some US watchdog organizations urgently on this matter provided you find the following discussion relevant and compelling. · https://www.defensenews.com/cyber/2020/10/19/us-army-looks-to-use-s ...


What Biometrics Vendors Tell Us versus What NIST Tells Us

Hitoshi Kokumai · I recently posted “Comfortable Biometrics Ecosystem”   In its aftermath, I learnt from one of my LinkedIn contacts that NIST had publicised test results of some biometrics products. · Above is a screenshot of the test result of a biometric product, of which the accuracy is boaste ...

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