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Unbreakable Password: Theft-prone though Unbreakable

Hitoshi Kokumai · I take up this report today - “SBI suggests 8 ways in which you can create an unbreakable password” · https://www.livemint.com/money/personal-finance/sbi-suggests-8-ways-in-which-you-can-create-an-unbreakable-password-11629343136710.html · Such unbreakable passwords as suggested ...


In case the email is NOT flagged for phishing

Hitoshi Kokumai · "No phish for the likes of you, thank you very much! Google finds email villains are picky about demographics, country"  https://www.theregister.com/2021/02/10/google_phishing/ · The report reads "When an email is flagged for phishing, our priority is to keep our users safe. We l ...


Problem Solving

Hitoshi Kokumai ·  “Poorly managed password systems are problematic. The best way to solve the problem is eliminating the password altogether.”  · People who agree to the above may well agree to the following as well. ·  “Poorly disciplined humans are problematic. The best way to solve the problem ...


Ignored Gravity of Secret Credentials

Hitoshi Kokumai · “the organisation needs to stop storing passwords in plain text” was mentioned in this report – “Poor password security at the British branch of Mensa?”      https://grahamcluley.com/poor-password-security-mensa/ · It’s a conundrum – They must be conscious that they are responsib ...


Democracy and ‘Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory’

Hitoshi Kokumai · Inspired by a reader’s comment referring to ‘authoritarian regimes self-claimed to be a democracy’ as against ‘true democracy’, I now feel like to advocate · 'Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory' · as one of the key criteria that tell ‘democracy’ from ‘pseudo-demo ...


Yet another report on the drive to destroy security by removing passwords

Hitoshi Kokumai · How naïve security professionals can be? An answer is found in this report - “Passwords begone: GitHub will ban them next year for authenticatingGit operations”  https://www.theregister.com/2020/12/17/github_bans_passwords/ · Aren’t they actually offering a ‘solution’ that can be ...


Yet another report on the password predicament

Hitoshi Kokumai ·   · “We're not sayingthis is how SolarWinds was backdoored, but its FTP password 'leaked on GitHubin plaintext'”  https://www.theregister.com/2020/12/16/solarwinds_github_password/ · It says "their update server was accessible with the password 'solarwinds1 ...


Global Headquarters in United Kingdom

Hitoshi Kokumai · Having been talking for some time about the headquarters to be set up for global operations of Expanded Password System (EPS), we have now chosen UK as the venue in view of its reputed R&D infrastructure. · We are putting together diverse brains from multiple disciplines - psych ...


Identity Assurance - Sufficient and Necessary Conditions

Hitoshi Kokumai · It is not easy to define the 'sufficient condition' for describing a set of processes used to establish that a natural person is real, unique, and identifiable; criminals keep coming up with hitherto unknown weapons to compromise the said processes. · But we are easily able to d ...

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