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On Ruinous Misperception of Biometrics

Hitoshi Kokumai · Here are some of my recent writings about the misperception on security-ruining biometrics. · ‘Not as secure as claimed’ is one thing. ‘Harmful to security’ is another. · If Only It Were True · Probabilistic Is Human Body, Not Pattern-Matching Algorithm · US Army appears tobe sca ...


If Only It Were True!

Hitoshi Kokumai · A good number of consumers consider biometrics positively according this report -" Fed up with passwords and bad onboardings, consumers consider biometrics" · Put your finger on a sensor or place your face before a camera and you will enjoy better security and convenience; What a ...


Probabilistic Is Human Body, Not Pattern-Matching Algorithm

Hitoshi Kokumai · The probabilistic nature of biometrics comes from the unpredictably variable body features of living animals rather than imperfect algorithms of pattern matching; perfection of pattern matching algorithm would not affect the probabilistic nature of biometrics. · Biometrics that ...

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