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Truly Big Threat

Hitoshi Kokumai · The quantum computer held in a bad guy’s hand is indeed a big threat. So is the artificial intelligence that has gone out of control. · However, a yet bigger threat comes from the humans who are indifferent to the power and value of humans' volition and memory. · Worst would be ...


Dual Causes of Password Predicament

Hitoshi Kokumai · Our password headache may well be the consequence of these dual causes - · ‘Use of Impracticable Password’ and ‘Non-Use of Practicable Password’ · Everyone grumbles at the former, while few are well awake to the latter. · For more about the latter, you could refer to this post –“ ...


Quantum Computing and Identity Assurance

Hitoshi Kokumai · Bad guys, who have a quantum computer at hand, would still have to break the part of user authentication that is not dependent on the public-key scheme, prior to accessing the target data, in the normal environment where secret credentials play a big role; quite a few cryptograph ...


Unbreakable Password: Theft-prone though Unbreakable

Hitoshi Kokumai · I take up this report today - “SBI suggests 8 ways in which you can create an unbreakable password” · https://www.livemint.com/money/personal-finance/sbi-suggests-8-ways-in-which-you-can-create-an-unbreakable-password-11629343136710.html · Such unbreakable passwords as suggested ...


Blockchain not to blame

Hitoshi Kokumai · "Bitcoin is ‘disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization’ says famed investor Charlie Munger"   https://www.theregister.com/2021/05/03/berkshire_hathaway_annual_meeting_tech_highlights/ · I don’t think that this report is the denial of blockchain and the like, althou ...


Defense against Persistent Threats by Expanded Password System

Hitoshi Kokumai · Episodic image memory, that enables us to re-generate high-entropy authentication codes and cryptographic keys, also helps us achieve such objectives as to · (1) prevent OTP token from getting compromised · (2) come up with very resilient 2-channe/factor authentication · (3) t ...


On-the-fly regeneration of cryptographic keys made feasible by our episodic memory

Hitoshi Kokumai · Expanded Password System, that provides ‘wide choice of secret credentials’ and enables us to intuitively manage ‘correspondence between accounts and passwords’, makes it easily practicable to get cryptographic keys re-generated on-the-fly from what we had firmly remembered as ep ...


Wide choice of secret credentials

Hitoshi Kokumai · We could opt to continue to use the remembered passwords as before, although the memory ceiling is very low. Most of us can manage only up to several of them. · We could opt to recognize the pictures remembered in stories where we want to reduce a burden of textual passwords. Th ...


Which passwords correspond to which accounts?

Hitoshi Kokumai · Being able to recall strong passwords is one thing. Being able to recall the correspondence between accounts and passwords is another. · When different sets of images are allocated to different accounts, those unique image matrices will be telling you which images you should pic ...


Get the password removed and we’ll see something very nice

Hitoshi Kokumai · It would be true if this remark were uttered by bad guys; the passwordless identity security is indeed very favourable to them, though not to good citizens. · Removal of the password benefits bad guys in two ways – The lowered security is directly beneficial to criminals. On top ...


Fed up with Password

Hitoshi Kokumai · Few would disagree that the current form of password system is disliked, hated, loathed and fed up with. · Hence our proposition - We do not have to stick to remembering something afresh. We could instead make use of what we remembered many years ago and retained deep in our bra ...


Get Away from Dichotomy on Issues of Ethics

Hitoshi Kokumai · I would like to differentiate (1) people who use weak authentication solutions and (2) those who gain quick money by promoting weak authentication products alleging that they are promoting security-enhancing solutions. · The latter (2) that end up with spreading a false sense of ...


Blockchain and Carbon Footprints

Hitoshi Kokumai · "Could a ‘Crypto Climate Accord’ erase cryptocurrencies’ carbon footprint?"   https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/8/22373524/cryptocurrency-climate-accord-bitcoin-carbon-footprint · Is the carbon footprint of blockchain an enemy of the habitable climate? · We should distinguish the ...


What’s behind ever more insecure cyberspace?

Hitoshi Kokumai · "Why are we here and what to do about it?"  · https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-we-here-dr-vladas-leonas-gaicd-facs-fieaust/ · In this article Dr Vladas Leonas talks about 11 major causes of cyber insecurity. · I would like to add another element - There are quite a few securi ...


Many of the recent cyber-centric innovations, which some people call ‘techceleration’, would end up with pipedream without solid identity assurance

Hitoshi Kokumai · Citizens in an inclusive society must be able to demand that their volition be confirmed when their digital identity needs to be authenticated for their civic rights and duties. ‘Identity Assurance by Our Own Volition and Memory’, our principle, could well be a fundamental requir ...


Blockchain could be relied upon only when it comes with solid identity assurance

Hitoshi Kokumai · Blockchain is catching eyes of a number of defense people as reported in “America and its military need a blockchain strategy”  https://www.c4isrnet.com/opinion/2021/04/05/america-and-its-military-need-a-blockchain-strategy/ · People who promote blockchain-applied technologies a ...


Still attempting to destroy identity security in banking? Horrifying, isn’t it?

Hitoshi Kokumai ·  "Smartphone Biometrics for Banking – A Decade of Developments"   https://www.biometricupdate.com/202103/smartphone-biometrics-for-banking-a-decade-of-developments · However, once you get reminded of the PIN authentication embedded in your smartphone as a default login tool, you ...


Can we afford to disregard the potential of ‘Non-Text’ secret credentials?

Hitoshi Kokumai · "Passwords are bad for business, frustrating for consumers" is what is claimed in this report  https://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/94918-passwords-are-bad-for-business-frustrating-for-consumers · “Passwords are not secure enough, therefore passwords are bad. Bad passwords s ...


"For Achieving Solid Digital Identity" published on Information Security Buzz

Hitoshi Kokumai · "For Achieving Solid Digital Identity" has been published on Information Security Buzz -  https://informationsecuritybuzz.com/articles/for-achieving-solid-digital-identity/ · Gist: The perception, that conventional text-passwords are obviously unable to meet the requirement of di ...


Publication on PenTest Magazine

Hitoshi Kokumai · "PenTest Magazine March2021 https://pentestmag.com/product/pentest-privilege-escalation-in-practice/ · On P77 is my article ‘How to NOT Achieve Solid Digital Identity’. · Gist on Suicidal Success: Follow the argument that promotes ‘password-less authentication’ or ‘password-depe ...


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    【北九州】製造管理(鉄塔等)~平均勤続年数18.0年/創業100年の安定企業/日本初の鉄塔メーカー~【転職支援サービス求人】(正社員) / 日本鉄塔工業株式会社 · ------------------------------------------------ · ■ 仕事内容 · ------------------------------------------------ · 掲載予定期間 ...

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    ------------------------------------------------ · ■ この求人のポイント · ------------------------------------------------ · 少数精鋭上流から下流まで全てのフェーズに携わるスキルアップも全面支援ワークライフバランスも◎ · 当社は、2013年に大阪で創業しました。創業してから約10年、社会情勢 ...

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    募集要項: · 【プライム上場】長時間残業の削減や労働時間の適正化も進めています★ · 職務概要 · ■誰に:医療・SCM・小売等 · ■何を:バーコード・QRコード等に代わる次世代の非接触ICタグ『RFID』 · ■手法:国内法人向けのソリューションの企画提案・販促 · 職務詳細 · RFIDとはICタグを利用した非接触の識別技術です。 · 様々なシーンでの省人化・省力化を実現します。 · ・要 ...

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