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Graphs talk the nature of biometrics

Hitoshi Kokumai · Biometrics is 'probabilistic' by nature since it measures unpredictably variable body features of living animals in ever changing environments. · – FAR and FRR are not the variables that are independent from each other, but are dependent on each other · – the lower a FAR is, the ...


Biometrics - What can a ‘probabilistic authenticator’ achieve in cyberspace?

Hitoshi Kokumai · A big question is too often missing in the discussions about the deterministic authenticators (passwords and tokens) and probabilistic authenticators (biometrics); Are the users to blame when the login fails?’ · When the user fails to feed a correct password and present a correc ...


‘Informed’ consent must be ‘Respected’. ‘Misinformed’ Consent must be ‘Corrected’.

Hitoshi Kokumai ·   · In February 2018 we felt a big shockwave to have heard a mind-bogglingreport of unnecessary deaths presumably brought by biometrics misunderstood from India where the biometrics; is mandatory for its Aadhaar-based Public Distribution System. There hav ...


Horrific Distinction between ‘ Multi-Layer’ and ‘Multi-Entrance’ Deployments

Hitoshi Kokumai ·   · ‘Multi-Layer’ is also represented by ‘In-Series’,  ‘In-Addition-To’,  ‘All/BothAnd’ and ‘Conjunction’ in logic, ·          while · ‘Multi-Entrance’ by ‘In-Parallel’,  ‘In-Stead-Of’,  ‘EitherOr’ and ‘Disjunction’. · Carelessly mixing up these two deployment methods causes a ...

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