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Episodic Memory and Blockchain

Hitoshi Kokumai · What blockchain technology aims to achieve was not new to us. It was in 2002 that we took on a project that Expanded Password System was incorporated in a private/public key scheme deployed in a decentralized P2P formation. We were not able to secure the further budget for comme ...


Archive 2021— Comments Posted since January 2021 on Digital Identity and Threats to It

Hitoshi Kokumai ·   · Comments on Identity Assurance and Friendly Fire from Within · Now that we are getting ever more cyber-dependent, it is obvious that all the citizens must be able to enjoy a yet more solid digital identity. For making some contributions to the global endeavour, I am posting m ...


Impact of Episodic Memory on Digital Identity

Hitoshi Kokumai · The secure digital identity can be achieved only by the joint work of citizens and systems. Episodic image memory plays a big role for the citizens to make it practicable in multiple aspects; it actually enables us to ·  come up with Expanded Password System as a legitimate succe ...


Phishing Attack and Episodic Memory

Hitoshi Kokumai · "Hacker tries to poison water supply of Florida city" https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55989843 · Horrifying report indeed! · We hear that many of the attackers get a back door opened to take over the systems. Probably around the top of the list of weapons for opening the ...

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