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Mariam  Rasaq

Mariam Rasaq

Good learning help improve knowledge
三田市, Sanda
¥2,500 / 時間


Mariam Rasaq について:

I am a medical laboratory scientist, I worked in the last 5years I worked in Hospital where I carry out different analysis on tissues and body fluids like sputum urine blood and others, I possess an IELTS result also I am a native speaker of English in addition I speak English fluently, I am passionate about giving my student the best knowledge and making friends 


Dear sir, 

I am Rasaq Mariam, I have been opportune to teach kids during my undergraduate holiday, it was really a nice experience, as it was satisfying for me to see my students learn new things from me, same result I expect if given the opportunity to lecture in your facility.


I my opinion, the most relevant education for kids is to learn and acquire knowledge about English conversational habit necessary for daily socialization and good moral conversation both at home as and in public, I am a Medical Laboratory scientist, I worked with the government hospital laboratory in my country for 4years, I obtained my undergraduate result from Madonna private university Nigeria 

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